What is a Mat-Maker?

SCN is supporting a community group of persons who are invested in helping the unsheltered people in Springfield. Although we feel that nobody should have to sleep outside, we recognize that many are forced to do so, and sleeping mats that keep them up off the hard cold concrete or wet grass are very much desired, in fact, can be essential to avoid frostbite.

Mat-Makers make sleeping mats by either weaving or crocheting plastic “yarn” made out of plastic grocery and other retail bags. We encourage the local community to join us in our collaborative effort to make 100 mats in 100 days (Sept. 1st to December 9th , 2021). Photos of each mat made in this 100 Mats in 100 Days effort will be posted here before donating to The Connecting Grounds Church to distribute through their Outreach Center. Watch our totals grow!!!

Join us!! Mat-Makers meet every Monday evening for weaving at the Strafford Church of the Nazarene at 6:30-8:30 pm. for the next 14 weeks. Mat Crocheters meet at the Strafford Senior Center every Tuesday morning 9:30-11:30 am. Other community hands-on demonstrations will be scheduled and listed on our church calendar.

Help us reach our goal by providing time and things on our NEEDS LIST:

NEEDS LIST (includes volunteer roles) :

  • Continuous need for plastic grocery and retail bags. 100 mats will use 60,000 to 80,000 clean and dry bags.
  • People who are willing to sort and straighten our donated bags.
    People willing to cut off the tiny bottom edge and handles of those donated bags.
  • Person willing to make a few simple wooden frame looms.
  • A few old broom handles about 35-36 inches long for weaving sticks for any new looms.
  • People to weave on those looms or crochet mats for donation.”

The Finished Products: